Hilda Wan, Bodyworker


I am very passionate about integrative medical approaches. I believe the best way to ‘live well’ is to manage, prevent and rehabilitate through multidisciplinary therapy based on individual goals and needs. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to share my knowledge, energy and passion with my patients to achieve their health goals. I treasure the unique professional long-term relationship with my patients through massage.  


Chronic pain and stress are normally the culprits of serious medical problems. My treatment goals are patient-oriented, with emphasis on prevention. My treatment focus is on reconnecting your mind and body in order to enhance your innate ability to decrease pain and stress. I incorporate diaphragmatic breathing and lymphatic stroking into my treatment to facilitate circulation. I would love my patient to maintain good health rather than seeking that magic pill to ‘band-aid’ the core issues. Therefore, homecare and exercise suggestions are an important part of my care.


I am currently in the last term of the massage therapy program and working towards becoming a Registered Massage Therapist. I worked as a Gerontology-based Recreation Program facilitator. It was a rewarding career where I built relationship with the residents guiding them to a better quality of life. Additionally, I have gained interpersonal skills through working as a server, in retail, travel agent, vet assistant and a cook. 


I am a big animal lover. I have been a dog walker volunteer for SPCA and ElderDog when time permitted. My Bullmastiff Ginger and I were members of Pets and Friends where we provide Pet Therapy to seniors at Care facilities and students at colleges. I also enjoy cooking, playing music and outdoor adventures.  


I hope I am the therapist you are looking for. I look forward to achieving your health goals with you!