Chee Woo started his acupuncture training in Singapore. He trained under the traditional master-student learning scheme with a Chinese Physician for three years.

Chee Woo also graduated from PCU College of Holistic Medicine in Canada in 2012 and registered as an R.Ac. in 2013. In addition, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (with distinction) from Ohio Northern University. Chee Woo focuses on neuroscience, especially neuroplasticity enhancement, using different needling techniques for post-stroke rehabilitation, trauma, and concussions after motor vehicle accidents.


He is passionate about what he does and has many years of experience treating anxiety/depression, IBD/PTSD, migraine/tension headaches, sinus issues, body pain (tendinitis, sciatica nerve pain, and whiplash), just to name a few. Chee Woo has been practicing acupuncture in the White Rock/South Surrey community since 2013. As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, he also practices Tai Chi and meditation daily for relaxation and tranquility.

Chee Woo, Acupuncturist